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23. september 2021
20. oktober 2021

Do you want a job in sustainable aquaculture, focusing on building and developing quality standards, performance-systems and implement strategies? Do you want to play a key part in transforming technology, systems and future solutions to reduce emissions, improve fish welfare and secure high food security around the world?

We are now hiring a Global Head of Quality who wants to make a difference, drive change, and secure a greener economy.    

Maybe you’d prefer a career in Pure Salmon Kaldnes working from our offices in Norway or the United Arab Emirates or spend time at one of our global locations? Great, we’ll make that happen. 

Aquaculture – one of the fastest growing industries around the world:

On a global scale, a rapidly growing population is consuming more fish than ever before. This trend is due to the growth and development of sustainable land-based aquaculture, which causes less impact on the environment and builds a better and greener economy. Land-based aquaculture is a fast growing industry where demand for products and services are expected to increase significantly over the years to come. 

Our owners, Pure Salmon LMT aim to produce as much as 260 000 tons of Atlantic salmon a year. The group has already invested in large land-based fish farms in the US, Poland, France and Japan, and they also have a number of other extensive land-based farming projects in the making, including in China and South Africa. The group focuses on sustainable land-based salmon farming, produced as close as possible to where the consumers live. Beside this, Pure Salmon Kaldnes is at the moment building SalMar Tjuin, the largest landbased fish-farm in the world and Salten Smolt.   

What we can offer and what you can expect:

What you can expect: Our mission is to break down silos, promote collaboration and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We consider diversity a real asset in achieving our goals and make it a priority to value the multitude of career paths, training and personalities of our employees. At Pure Salmon Kaldnes you’ll get a chance to develop your talent locally or abroad, with in-depth training programs and exposure to our network of collaborators. Request a transfer and go to work and live in a new country or city. Or rise through the ranks within our headquarters and various operational entities. Change your specialisation or find your place in a totally new department.

What we can offer: World class professional environment and colleagues, fast growing aquaculture markets, strong company pipeline including founded projects, global career opportunities, value chains going from "egg to plate", participation in development of environmental solutions for healthy food production, financially strong owners with global ambitions.

Your key working tasks and contributions:  

In the role as Global Head of Quality, you will be in control of all quality issues and act as "point of contact" between teams in Pure Salmon Kaldnes, suppliers, institutions and most importantly our customers. You will also receive strong backing from our HSEQ Manager in Norway, who will report to you. As Global Head of Quality, you will play a key role in obtaining our ambitious goals within this area. You will earn trust through true leadership, stamina, delivering as promised and showing a “no-excuse attitude” when it comes to driving your projects. These are what we consider to be the key tasks for this position:

  • Corporate point of contact in all HSEQ matters.
  • Participate in and provide support to our teams.
  • Lead quality improvement projects. 
  • Develop and drive sustainability programs to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Develop and secure good working processes in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Build and maintain control systems. 
  • Budgeting, KPI targeting, follow-up and reporting. 
  • Develop reports for decision making. 
  • Monitor and implement governing rules and regulations applicable to our business.  
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Drive internal and external audits. 
  • Continuous improvement, including follow-up and close-out of deviations in collaboration with project- and department manager.

We estimate 10-20 traveling days per year. Compensation is given accordingly to company guidelines. The position reports to CEO.

Competence requirements:

  • Master degree in aquaculture, biology, food processing, technology, engineering, quality management or other relevant areas:
  • Formal competence within quality management – preferably with certifications.
  • Driver licence. 
  • Language skills; Nordic and English (Oral and written). 

Meritorious knowledge 

  • HSE training, experience from ISO standards, engineering and construction standards, food standards/hygienic design, audits. 

Work experience:

We believe the perfect candidate has former experience from one or several of the following areas over a period of minimum five years with excellent results: 

  • Quality management, project oriented businesses, engineering, food safety, auditing, HSEQ, global operations.

Personal skills:

Whatever your academic background, career history and skills, your attitude makes a difference when finding your place within our organisation – and the role you can play in our teams and projects.​​
We look for people that are:

  • Open-minded, problem-solving and responsible.
  • Passionate about innovation and finding new solutions that meet the needs of our customers. 
  • Supportive of diversity and differences. Pure Salmon Kaldnes is a global company, and our cultural richness is one of our most important assets. 

The following describes you in day-to-day work: Demonstrates specialist knowledge and expertise in own area, participates in continuous professional development. You make an impact, convince and persuade others, promote plans and ideas successfully. You build a useful network of contacts and relationships and utilise it to achieve objectives. You understand the organisation's informal rules and structures and utilise political processes effectively to get things done. You use a methodical and systematic approach, plan ahead, define clear priorities and allocate resources effectively. You quickly understand and analyse complex issues and problems and come up with sound and rational judgements. You adhere to company rules and procedures, execute plans with commitment, determination and achieve high quality results. You co-operate well with others; share knowledge, experience and information, support others in the pursuit of team goals


  • Fixed, 100% position as Global Head of Quality.
  • Competitive fixed salary.
  • Training and education. 
  • Pensions, travel insurances, health insurances accordingly to company standards guidelines. 
  • Travelling allowance.  

Anonymity and fair recruitment

Pure Salmon Kaldnes AS is concerned with fair recruitment and follows ethical norms defined by DNV-GL. As part of the selection, in addition to interviews, ability tests and personality tests are used. The authenticity of documents is also checked on occasion. Your anonymity as a candidate is maintained and documents are stored in accordance with current GDPR rules.

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